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Email us photos with information about the condition of the piece, brand name, age, etc. If any signs of wear, try to show them in the pictures. Send photos to info@villagefurniture.ca

Receive Item Appraisal Response

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Receive an overall value for the items by email.

Drop-Off or Pick-Up

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Once the overall value is accepted, schedule a day and time for the drop-off of your items. In case you require assistance, we can assist in arranging movers for you, which will be at your own expense. However, please note that we need to review and approve the items before accepting them, and a contract must be signed before their arrival.


Items that have not been previously approved may be received as donations at our discretion.

Click here to view the contract.

Items Sold

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You will receive your payment by e-transfer or cash. If the second method is preferred, please contact the store to set a time to collect your payment.