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Used Furniture Stores in the Fraser Valley: Your Ultimate Guide

The Fraser Valley in British Columbia is well furnished (pun intended) with stores that carry used furniture, making it a haven for those looking to buy or donate pre-loved pieces. Many of these stores are non-profits or contribute back to their communities in meaningful ways. Below is a curated list of some of the best thrift stores and small businesses in the Fraser Valley. Think we missed any? Send us a message on Instagram to add to the list!

Used Furniture Stores in Abbotsford

Village Furniture

  • Overview: We are open 24/7 online, and in-person by appointment. Find a wide range of high-quality, gently used furniture.
  • Specialties: Mid-century modern pieces, teak furniture, beds, sofas, chairs, dining tables, dressers.
  • Services: Delivery available to all cities within the Fraser Valley.
  • Actions: Browse our inventory and book an appointment today. Buy, sell, or donate used furniture with us.

MCC Thrift Stores

  • Locations: Two in Abbotsford (Gladys Avenue and South Fraser Way). The Gladys location sells used furniture.

Salvation Army Thrift Store

  • Location: Near the railroad tracks in Abbotsford.
  • Specialties: Select pieces of furniture.

Life’s Second Chance Thrift Store

  • Location: Central Abbotsford.
  • Specialties: Selection of second-hand furniture pieces.

Value Village

  • Location: Central Abbotsford.
  • Specialties: Small household furniture.

Abbotsford Bibles for Missions Thrift Store

  • Specialties: Selection of used furniture pieces.

Used Furniture Stores in Chilliwack

Value Village

  • Location: Near the highway in Chilliwack.
  • Specialties: Small household furniture.

Hidden Treasures Thrift Store

  • Location: Chilliwack.
  • Specialties: Small furniture pieces.

Finders Seekers Thrift Store

  • Location: Across from the bottle depot in Vedder.
  • Specialties: Limited selection of furniture.

Mission Thrift Store

  • Location: Across from Superstore.
  • Specialties: Extensive selection of used furniture on the second floor.

Used Furniture Stores in Mission

Value Village

  • Location: Mission.
  • Specialties: Small household furniture.

The Bargain Store

  • Specialties: Various items, including furniture pieces.

MCC Thrift Store

  • Specialties: Select pieces of furniture.

Used Furniture Stores in Langley

Value Village

  • Location: Langley.
  • Specialties: Small household furniture.

Mission Thrift Store

  • Specialties: Selection of used furniture.

While this is not an exhaustive list of thrift stores in the Fraser Valley, we focused on locations that offer a selection of used furniture. Looking to buy, sell, consign, or donate used furniture in the Fraser Valley? Get in touch with us today for a convenient experience.

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